Bavaria C 42 New !!!

Bavaria C Line 42. Presented in Dusseldorf in January the new work of art by the Cossutti studio and the prestigious German yard, is 12 meters long, it is great and beautiful .....
Bavaria C 42 in navigazione

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Bavaria C 42 soluzione 2 Cabine e bagno
Bavaria C 42 soluzione due cabine e due bagni
Bavaria C 42 soluzione tre cabine ed un bagno
Bavaria C 42 soluzione tre cabine e due bagni

Bavaria 42 C Line new

Although the BAVARIA C42 is an evolution of the C-Line BAVARIA, it has fully maintained the character of the yard.

The modern and innovative shape of the V-shaped hull and bow lines developed by the BAVARIA YACHTS guarantees perfect navigation characteristics and spaces both on deck and in incredibly large and comfortable interiors.

The already intelligent and detail-conscious solutions of the other BAVARIA YACHTS models have been further refined in the new BAVARIA C42 which, 12.38 meters long, now also makes use of the latest technological innovations in yacht building.
THE BAVARIA HULL, THE BAVARIA BOW V: these distinctive features that characterize the design of the hull give the BAVARIA C42 not only greater volume under the deck, but also exceptional characteristics in navigation.

The lines of the hull increase stability, lengthen the waterline and improve performance, giving greater sensitivity and mastery in maneuvers. The showy edge at the stern of the BAVARIA C42 has an additional advantage, that of offering cabins with more space and therefore more comfort.

The BAVARIA bow V is thin along the waterline and widens just like a V as it reaches the bridge. It was developed by Cossutti Yacht Design Italia and BAVARIA YACHTS, to give more volume to the bow of the hull. Despite the large stern, the additional volume at the bow ensures a good attitude in the heeling phase, greater stability in the longitudinal direction and therefore greater safety, especially in case of rough seas. In addition, the V-shaped bow gives the owner cabin a completely new dimension.

The cast iron keel with 2700 kg of ballast and the total weight of only 9600 kg ensure a good straightening coefficient.
In developing the equipment and the sail plan, the development team of BAVARIA YACHTS, in collaboration with Cossutti Yacht Design, focused on two aspects: superior handling and above-average performance. The veiling of 54 square meters in the mainsail and 47 square meters in the genoa allows to better capture the thrust of the wind giving an important gait to the BAVARIA C42 both in the transverse and upwind, the Code0 (85 square meters) and the gennaker (140 square meters) allow to reach high top speeds at load-bearing speeds.

The self-tacking jib ensures optimal handling and maneuverability. In the BAVARIA C42 model it is included as standard. To better set the equipment in all the gaits, the stern stay and the relative tensioner are also part of the BAVARIA C42 standard equipment.
In the design of the deck layout, BAVARIA YACHTS product management focused on the essentials to give more space to important things, namely the pleasure of sailing. The bow and side passages offer an unusually large surface for a sailboat of this size.

This offers safety at sea and plenty of space to relax while anchoring. Another miracle of space is the cockpit with its ergonomic L-shaped benches that allow you to sit upwind without getting tired or have lunch comfortably on a very spacious table. In addition, a large sunbathing area is found on the front of the deck.

From the double steering system that it governs it has a perfect view of sails, navigation instruments and the sea. Optional helmsman seats extend comfort aft.

On board the BAVARIA C42 you don't have to worry about having space problems to stow fenders, ropes, sails, equipment and life raft. You will find it in the two large lockers located in the cockpit and in the bow.
The innovative hull design opens up completely new dimensions on board the BAVARIA C42 also below deck. The cabins are available in a luxurious 2-suite version with a large bathroom, as well as in a 3-suite version with two bathrooms. In the room with a U-shaped sofa on the right and the lounge-bench on the left it is possible to dine comfortably in eight people. And the large galley offers everything you need to organize a dinner in style. Large work surfaces, plenty of freedom of movement, plenty of storage space and a 3-burner oven are part of the standard equipment.

In the main bulkhead to the left of the BAVARIA C42 is the home office or the navigation system. A real work station that allows you to remain seated in a longitudinal direction, in addition to the electronic system and numerous intelligent document storage solutions.
Thanks to the aforementioned V-shaped bow and large side windows, the foredeck not only looks great, but it is perhaps unbeatable in terms of height. The owners can expect a real double bed 1.80 meters wide and 2.10 meters long. Added to this are closets and plenty of storage space.

Even in the two aft cabins the BAVARIA YACHTS has exploited the space optimally. Guests who use the 1.60 m wide and 2 m long bunks of the BAVARIA C42 will feel right at home. The aft cabins of the BAVARIA C42 also offer plenty of freedom of movement and plenty of room to store items. The starboard bathroom, made in "concrete look", is a real small wellness area with a separate shower.


• Length overall 12.38 m (40.6 ft)
• Length including bowsprit 12.90 m (42.3 ft)
• Hull length 11.98 m / 12.04 m (39.3 ft)
• Water line 11.27 m (37 ft)
• Beam overall 4.29 m (14.1 ft)
• Standard draught 2.10 m (6.9 ft)
• Shallow keel draught 1.70 m (5.6 ft)
• Standard total weight 9678 kg (21336 Ib)
• Standard ballast 2698 kg (5948 Ib)
• Sail area 100.6 qm (1082.9 sq.ft)

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