Dehler 42

A Dehler expresses pure joy of living, with style, class and a dynamic that will make you feel more excited every day ...
Vela-Dehler 42-bolina stretta

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Vela-Dehler 42-mure a sinistra
Vela-Dehler 42-in regata
Vela-Dehler 42-in regata 2
Vela-dehler 42-fast cruiser-gennaker
Vela-Dehler 42-in rada
Vela-Dehler-42-gennaker 2
Vela-Dehler 42-bolina e mare
Vela-Dehler 42-chiesuola
Vela-Dehler 42-al timone
Vela-Dehler 42-regata 3
Vela-Dehler 42-quadrato
Vela-Dehler 42-particolari
Vela-Dehler 42-quadrato a sinistra
Vela-Dehler 42-quadrato
Vela-dehler 42-dettaglio logo
Dehler 42-cabina di prua
Vela-Dehler 42-cabina di prua 2
Vela-Dehler 42- quadrato in mogano

The ultimate expression of this intent is the Dehler 42.
No matter whether you use it traditionally as a fast pleasure boat or as a performer in the special racing version, the new Dehler 42 excites you for the irresistible combination of strength and dynamics. To build a yacht like the Dehler 42, you have to be a deep sailor. Only those who dedicate their lives to this wonderful activity while remaining true to their values ​​can develop each yacht with equal commitment, innovative power and precision. We at Dehler have been doing this for over 50 years. The process of creating a new Dehler model will be completed only when there is nothing left to improve. Up to this point, all the experiences gained over decades of design, thousands of yachts and continuous innovations are integrated into the development of this new boat. Feeling the force that the bow exercises by cutting through the waves at a tremendous rate, accelerating by gliding in perfect control: sailing also means experiencing these emotions. This is why our boats are not only comfortable and beautiful but they also always have the sporty look in their DNA.

LISTINO 2017/2018

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