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With family or friends - the BAVARIA C50 is the pleasure of sailing, but also of relaxation. Together it can give an exciting moment at sea or comfortable at anchor and the port, with spaces for all your guests. The interiors can be in three, four and five cabin versions, with a six-cabin version as well. As with the BAVARIA C45, the C50 is available in three different versions: "Holyday", "Style" and "Ambition".
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Classe Italiana - tecnologia Tedesca

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Bavara Yachts C 50 - Relax in rada
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Scafo potente e stabile
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Mure a dritta
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - relax in rada
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - alla fonda
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Quadrato essenza mogano
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Quadrato essenza noce
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Quadrato essenza rovere
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Quadrato essenza mogano verso poppa
Bavaria C 50 - Quadrato essenza noce verso poppa
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Dinette essenza rovere verso poppa
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Armatoriale rovere
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Cabina di poppa essenza rovere
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Armatoriale rovere verso poppa
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Quadrato e carteggio essenza rovere
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - Cucina essenza rovere
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - quadrato in noce
Bavaria Yachts C 50 - cabina armatoriale in mogano

Nothing should hinder the pleasure of navigation. This is why both wheelhouses offer a perfect view of the sails, the bow and the course to go. Everything is always in sight, including tools that are extremely easy to use. Even tacking is simple, thanks to a self-tacking jib, if we choose this solution and in any case for the ergonomics of deck maneuvers in general.
The BAVARIA C50 has good speed potential. "Performance rigging" is pure joy, even for the most ambitious sailors and makes the yacht fast and safe in any weather.
The BAVARIA C50 is a joint project of BAVARIA YACHTS and Cossutti Yacht Design, an almost legendary studio when it comes to fast and elegant yachts. Their experience is a guarantee of exceptional sailing performance and safe and balanced maneuverability.
The special VacuTec construction system of BAVARIA YACHTS contributes to performance by making the hull rigid, more stable but also lighter. A relationship between sail area and high but balanced displacement therefore promises exceptional sailing performance, as well as extremely simple and safe maneuverability.
The BAVARIA C50 has a total length of 15.39 meters and is the result of months of planning, testing, design and construction, as well as decades of experience in yacht manufacturing. Built with an ultramodern design, it guarantees above all one thing: fun and comfort, wherever you sail.

Overall length 15.39 m
Hull length 14.99 m
Waterline length 14.75 m
Overall width of 5.05 m
Standard cast iron 2.30 m
Cast iron steel keel with reduced draft (option) 1.85 m
High performance cast iron keel (option) 2.70 m
Ballast (approx.) 4,500 / 4,500 / 4,020 kg
Empty weight (approx.) 15,490 kg
Engine, standard 58.8 / 80 kW
Optional engine 58.8 / 80 kW
Fuel tank (approx.) 250 l
Water tank (approx.) 650 l
Sail area 135/147 m2
Mainsail std 76/83 m2
Mainsail and furling jib (approx.), Standard 73 m2
Genoa 59/64 m2
Gennaker 195/215 m2
Code 0 115/121 m2
Mast height above the waterline 23.25 / 23.73 m
I 20.00 / 20.42 m
J 5.77 / 6.12 m
P 19.15 / 20.00 m
E 6.66 / 7.00 m
CE Category A
Design Cossutti Yacht Design

In practice, the BAVARIA C50, like its little sister C45, gives you the feeling of being on a superyacht, but without it really being like costs and difficulty of maneuvering. However, it boasts countless solutions that make life on board extremely comfortable, with anyone navigating: family, friends, guests or a combination of both.

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